Tho H. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Dr. Tho H. Nguyen manages the VP for IT’s flagship ACCORD Advanced Cyberinstrument Program. ACCORD is a complete research computing environment that integrates HPC/HTC with compliance-driven security provisions to protect sensitive data. The ACCORD program includes a Consortium of ten (and growing) leading Virginia universities and research institutions to deploy this next generation cyberinfrastructure supporting data-enabled research across the Commonwealth. In addition to his appointment in the VP for IT Office, Tho is concurrently a Senior Research Program Officer in the Department of Computer Science where he is primarily responsible for project and program development in Cyber-Physical Systems and Software/Hardware Systems Research.

Tho’s past work focused on sensing, modeling, and application of controls for large-scale environmental systems. His current research interests include secured cyberinfrastructure for “data-collaborations”, and extending cyber-physical systems theory and technologies to mitigate the impact of disruptions to interdependent systems (i.e., resiliency). Tho has also had extensive international research experience and has received funding from NSF, USAID, and VEF for his international work. He is currently leading the effort to develop SCICADA, a secured and lightweight research data sharing platform deployed in the Lower Mekong region.

Tho earned his PhD from the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) in the Department of Electrical Engineering (Systems, Controls & Robotics) in 2009. Prior to joining UVA, Tho served as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and was appointed to the National Science Foundation, where he worked on the Cyber-Physical Systems Program (2013-2015). He is also a former J. William Fulbright Fellow to Vietnam (2006-2007).