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Collision of Society and Technology Workshop & Dinner
Rotunda: Lower West Oval Room & Dome Room

On September 19th, 2019, the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology hosted a conversation focusing on the Collision of Society and Technology. UVA has groups doing great work in several specific areas of technology, media studies, and law/policy. But we have not built a fully interdisciplinary conversation, a broader look, including voices from every part of the University to approach the complex issues surrounding this topic. This conversation attempted to enable that broader look. An invitation to participate was sent out to those across Grounds who have expertise and interest related to this topic. This conversation was intended to replace or compete with what is currently under way, but to augment and create a more social environment in which discussion can take place about the growing issues that we face with technology and its impact on our society.

The agenda consisted of three (3) parts:

  1. The set of thirteen (13) 5-minute, 1-slide presentations (see the list of presenters and a link to a video of their presentations below)
  2. Round table discussions among a diverse set of faculty participants
  3. A Jeffersonian dinner with mediated conversation

CST Presenters:

1. Anita Jones – Computer Science
2. Siva Vaidhyanathan – Media Studies
3. Ashley Deeks – Law
4. Paul Humphreys – Philosophy
5. Charlotte McClintock – Batten School
6. Virginia LeBaron – Nursing
7. Jon Goodall – Engineering
8. Debjani Ganguly – Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures
9. Ryan Wright – McIntire School
10. Deborah Johnson – Engineering
11. David Germano – Contemplative Sciences Center
12. Mona El Khafif – Architecture
13. Kevin Driscoll – Media Studies

Their presentations are recorded in the attached video: