DH @ UVa Website

DH @ UVa Website

The Problem: Three digital humanities organizations and related DH initiatives on Grounds needed not only a nexus for coordinating events and activities but also a public-facing point of entry where we could highlight the energy and innovation of our DH community.

Status: DH @ UVa (, a public-facing website, now offers:

  • An exhaustive DH events calendar with administrative access for behind-the-scenes coordination by the new DH communications committee.
  • A homepage with news and photos from DH events.
  • The central source for information on the DH graduate certificate initiative, including pedagogy and research support.
  • A networked, crowd-sourced information architecture that will enable the DH community to connect and build on UVa's unique combination of people, projects, organizations, tools, and resources.

Next Steps: Encourage participation in the DH @ UVa professional network through events and other outreach; expand the resources supporting the DH certificate; develop a cultural infrastructure of coordinated news-sharing and event planning in order to bolster our commitment to collaborative innovation.

What Does Success Look Like? DH @ UVa's centrality will expand the University's DH network, support DH pedagogy and research, attract investment, and enhance recruitment of outstanding students and faculty by showcasing the rich history and innovative future of the digital humanites at the University of Virginia.