ACCORD All-Hands Meeting


photo of classroomThe Virginia ACCORD Consortium met on July 12th at the University of Virginia, with members from George Mason University, James Madison University, Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, University of Virginia-Wise, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Virginia Tech attending. The meeting had two goals:

  1. To learn of data management and compliance challenges from the Office of Sponsored Programs, and identify how ACCORD can play a role in supporting Virginia universities’ OSP’s.
  2. Develop an agenda for an ACCORD proof-of-concept based on actual use cases.

Attendance is comprised of diverse personnel with complementary expertise. The Consortium members engaged productive discussions focusing on the design and implementation of the software stack and identity management. The UVA Office of Sponsored Programs presented on the challenges of Data Usage Agreement compliance and the importance of having a standard set of protocol, with different layers and options of data protection. After discussing the project from an execution standpoint, a technical team was assembled to implement the proof-of-concept. The goal was set to have proof-of-concept by the end of November. This meeting served as a productive step for the ACCORD project, forging new activities and progress going forward.